To charge an iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum, follow the steps below:

Locate the Home Base: The Home Base is the docking station that comes with the Roomba. Place the Home Base in a convenient and easily accessible location with a power outlet nearby. Ensure that there is sufficient space around the Home Base for the Roomba to dock and maneuver.

Connect the Home Base: Plug the power cord of the Home Base into a wall outlet. Make sure the power is turned on.

Position the Home Base: Position the Home Base against a wall or in a corner, leaving enough space in front of it for the Roomba to dock. The Home Base should be stable and not wobble during the docking process.

Activate the Roomba: To start charging, manually place the Roomba near the Home Base and ensure it is facing the docking station. The Roomba's charging contacts on the underside should align with the contacts on the Home Base.

Docking and Charging: The Roomba will automatically detect the Home Base and begin the docking process. It will move forward and backward, aligning itself with the contacts on the Home Base until it successfully docks. Once docked, the Roomba will start charging.

Charging Indicators: The Roomba will display charging indicators to show its charging status. Typically, you will see a light or series of lights on the Roomba or the Home Base. Consult the specific model's user manual for details on the charging indicators.

Charging Completion: The Roomba will continue to charge until its battery is fully replenished. The time required for a full charge can vary depending on the model and the battery's remaining capacity. Once fully charged, the Roomba is ready for use.

It's worth noting that newer Roomba models often have advanced features, such as self-docking capabilities. In such cases, the Roomba can autonomously return to the Home Base for charging when needed. However, the basic steps for charging remain the same.

For detailed instructions and specific information related to your iRobot Roomba Battery model, refer to the user manual provided by iRobot or visit their official website for support documentation.