Do all Ryobi tools use the same battery?

Do all Ryobi tools use the same battery?

Ryobi offers a wide range of power tools, and the battery compatibility can vary depending on the specific tool series or generation. While many Ryobi tools are designed to be compatible with the same battery platform, it's important to check the specifications and compatibility information provided by Ryobi for each tool and battery.

Ryobi has used different battery platforms over the years, and each platform may have its own specific battery design and compatibility. The primary battery platforms used by Ryobi Tools Battery include:

  1. Ryobi 18V ONE+: The 18V ONE+ battery platform is one of the most popular and widely compatible battery systems from Ryobi. Many of their power tools, including drills, saws, and trimmers, are part of the ONE+ system and can use the same 18V ONE+ battery. However, it's still recommended to verify compatibility with the specific tool model and battery version.

  2. Ryobi 40V: The 40V Ryobi battery platform is designed for their higher-powered outdoor tools, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. Tools within the 40V range typically require a specific 40V battery and charger, which may not be compatible with the 18V ONE+ platform.

  3. Ryobi 12V: Ryobi also offers a 12V battery platform for smaller, compact tools. The 12V tools and batteries are not compatible with the 18V or 40V systems.

It's important to note that even within a specific battery platform, there may be different generations or versions of batteries that are not cross-compatible. For example, an older 18V ONE+ tool may not be compatible with a newer 18V ONE+ battery, or vice versa. It's advisable to consult the compatibility information provided by Ryobi or check the tool and battery labels for compatibility details.

There are two styles of battery with Ryobi units the 18v range and the 36v range. These are different batteries and are not interchangeable. Every tool that states it is 18v can interchange its battery with other 18v units and 36v tools can interchange their battery with other 36v tools.

When purchasing additional tools or batteries for your Ryobi system, it's recommended to choose tools and batteries within the same platform to ensure compatibility and maximize versatility.

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